Notes and Assumptions Regarding Argus Camera Dating Guide

Copyright 2004 by Phillip G. Sterritt.

No official production figures survive for Argus cameras. Still, reasonable guesses can be made at least about the year of production of a given camera using either its serial number, features or both.

Neither serial numbers nor features are foolproof methods. In some lines, especially the A and C series, many parts are easily interchangeable between cameras of differing vintages. If one or more features are inconsitent with other features and/or serial number, it may be an altered or composite camera. The serial numbers for model A3, CC, 21, C-4, C-4R, C-44 and C-44R are stamped on or inside the removable back. If a camera doesn't have its original back, its features and serial number may not match.

Some information that came with your camera might be surprisingly unreliable for estimating its date of production. These include:

Where a table of serial numbers is specified along with bounding dates, a reasonably even rate of production was assumed and ranges apportioned accordingly. Some adjustments to ranges were made based on known date/serial number correlations. Such correlations are few and far between so those tables should be considered rough estimates.

Date ranges for features are approximate, but wherever possible are based on current data from survey results.

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