Removing 50mm Cintar Lens

Removing 50mm Cintar lens 1
1. Set the Rangefinder Dial (A) at 3 foot mark as indicated by the arrow mark below the dial. Unscrew Idler Gear Cap (C) turning to the left. On some older cameras, the Idler Gear Cap and Idler Gear are a one-piece unit and the Idler Gear will come off when the Idler Gear Cap is removed. On cameras where the gear and cap are separate, lift out Idler Gear (B) which meshes with Rangefinder Dial (A) and Cintar Lens (K). Grasp Collar (H) and unscrew lens, turning it to the left as indicated by the arrow.

To avoid damage to rangefinder, NEVER turn Rangefinder Dial (A) more than 4 teeth beyond 3 foot mark or 4 teeth beyond infinity mark. Note danger area (O).

Removing 50mm Cintar lens 2
2. Set Rangefinder Dial (A) at infinity. The camera is now ready to receive the Telephoto or Wideangle Lens.