Installing Wideangle Lens

Installing Wideangle Lens 1
1. Remove Cintar Lens as shown on Removing Cintar page. With Rangefinder Dial (A) set at infinity, grasp Lens Collar (H) and screw into camera as indicated, turning lens to the right. Seat lens firmly and line up Arrow (G) with infinity mark. Drop in Idler Gear (B).

Installing Wideangle Lens 2
2. Make sure Rangefinder Dial (A) and Arrow (G) are both lined up at infinity. Screw on Idler Gear Cap (C). With the Optical Viewfinder in place, the camera is now ready for Wide Angle picture taking. Use the Rangefinder for focusing as you did with the Regular Cintar Lens. If the lens markings are not now readily visible from the top of the camera, see the Adjusting Focus - Wideangle page.