Adjusting Focus - Telephoto

If the Depth of Field Scale is not visible from the top of the camera -- a convenience, not a necessity -- the following adjustment may be made with a small jeweler's screw driver.

Adjusting Focus - Telephoto 1
With lens mounted on the camera, rotate Rangefinder Dial (A) until Focusing Scale Arrow (G) is at infinity. Mark Lens Collar (H) with pencil mark (X) below Rangefinder Window (J). Remove Telephoto Lens in the same manner as you removed the Cintar Lens.

Lens in hand, set Red Focusing Scale Arrow (G) again at infinity mark. Make another mark (Y) on thread of lens directly in line with first pencil mark (X) on Lens Collar (H). See illustration below.

Adjusting Focus - Telephoto 2
Using the small jeweler's screw driver, loosen four tiny screws (Z) two turns only. Then turn threaded ring either way until mark (Y) on threads is in line with the Red Focusing Scale Arrow (G) on lens. Tighten four screws. All four screws must be seated. Screw on Lens Cap to test if threads are clear.