Soligor Telephoto Adjustment Instructions

If back focus adjustment is needed:

Remove the GEARED ring that couples the range-finder and you will see a black ring held by red screws. Mount your Soligor Telephoto Lens to the camera and loosen these red screws. Open the camera back and insert a piece of ground glass in the film channel. Set the shutter on Bulb. Set the lens at infinity and focus through the ground glass at a subject at infinity until that subject is sharp, then tighten the red screws.

To set engraved scale for viewing from top of camera:

  1. Release set screws on geared coupling ring.
  2. Unscrew ring from lens by turning counter-clock-wise (with rear of iens facing you).
  3. Screw lens into camera firmly.
  4. Loosen 3 set screws on lens mount, and lens will freely rotate into desired position.
  5. Tighten 3 set screws firmly.
  6. Unscrew lens from camera.
  7. Replace geared coupling ring and tighten its set screws.