Argus Lens Filter Sizes

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Back when filter sizes were not standardized as now, Tiffen and other filter makers did the research and published lists of lenses and the appropriate filter sizes. The following is the ARGUS section of the 1969 list from Tiffen. See below table for explanation of numbers.

Lens type New Tiffen Old Tiffen Ednalite
Aux. Tele & W/A 1,2 (Autronic) 54M7 718 716
35mm f4.5 Cintar (C33) D.I.6 D.I.6 D.I.6
35mm f4.5 Cintagon (C44)* 41M6 628 na
35mm f4.5 Lithagon (C4) 49M8 809 810
35mm f2.8 Sekor (Argus SLR) 52M8 819 805
35mm f4.5 Sandmar (C4) 38.5F6 636 na
44mm f2.5 Cintar (C20) 40SS6 na na
45mm f1.9 Lithagon (C4) 49M7 706 719
48mm f2.0 Cintagon (V-100) D.I.6 D.I.6 D.I.6
50mm f2.8 Cintagon (C44) D.I.5 D.I.5 D.I.5
50mm f1.9 Cintagon (C44) D.I.6 D.I.6 D.I.6
50mm f2.8 Cintar (C4) 30M6 640 652
50mm f3.5 (C,C2,C3) 19F5 502 510
50mm f3.5 (Markfinder 21) 17.5M5 514 na
50mm f3.5 (Match-Matic) D.I.5 D.I.5 D.I.5
50mm f3.5 Cintar (C33) D.I.5 D.I.5 D.I.5
52mm f2.8 Cintar (Argus II) D.I.5 D.I.5 D.I.5
58mm f1.7 Sekor (Argus SLR) 52M7 716 713
100mm f4.5 Cintar (C33) D.I.6 D.I.6 D.I.6
100mm f3.5 Cintagon (C44)* 38.5F6 636 na
100mm f4.5 Lithagon (C4) 34.5F6 613 na
135mm f3.5 Lithagon (C4) 52M7 716 713
135mm f2.8 Sekor (Argus SLR) 62M8 SP-8 814
135mm f4.5 Soligor (C3) 46.5M7 722 na

* The 35mm and 100mm Cintagons for C-44 accept D.I.6 filters if they have their accessory lens hoods or a series VI retaining ring.

For those unfamiliar with series filters, an explanation:

Earlier, Tiffen had their own stock number listing which was printed on the rings without the mm size. You would pick up a ring and could not tell what size it was. The second column is the OLD Tiffen number. Useful if you are looking in someones junk box.

Ednalite was another maker of adapter rings and in the typical American way they had a different number designation for AR rings. This is the third column.

Data for Instant-load cameras is not included.

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