Argus C Series Camera Shutter Mechanism

As found on Argus C, C-2, C-3 and Match-Matic C-3 cameras

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NOTE: The following images are copyright by Bill Powell, Chicago IL USA and may not be reproduced in any form without his consent.

Bill Powell of Chicago is a member of the Chicago Photographic Collectors Society, a trained professional draftsman and an exceptionally talented restorer of old cameras. When fellow CPCS member Steve Berkowitz acquired a rare early Argus C with the two-range shutter speed mechanism, he naturally turned to Bill to refurbish the camera.

As uncommon as it is to find one of these cameras, it is much more uncommon to be able to take one apart and see how it works. No known documentation exists on the workings of the two-range shutter mechanism, so while Bill had the camera apart, he took it upon himself to figure out how it worked and record that information for posterity. For comparison purposes, he also illustrated the later, single-range shutter mechanism. For this, Argus aficionados the world over are grateful.

C original two-range shutter mechanism illustration

C series second shutter mechanism illustration