Argus Rarities -- Accessory Lenses

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Items are listed in decreasing order of rarity, where known.

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Steinheil 35mm f/2.8 (NOT f/4.5) wide-angle lens for C-44 (late 1950s)

35mm f2.8 Steinheil for C-44
One known example, not known if this even made it into regular production. From collection of Tom Kraycirik.

Variant of 35mm Lithagon ('Lithigon') for Geiss-modified C-4 (1950s)

35mm f4.5 'Lithigon' variant for C-4
One known example (left; regular production version on right), lens barrel very different from the model commonly found. Unknown production, possibly a prototype. From collection of Joe Horvat.

Enna Lithagon 53mm f/2.0 lens for C-3 (1950s?)

53mm f2.0 lens for C-3
Three or four known examples, unknown production and history, three-digit serial numbers on two examples.

Angenieux 35mm and 100mm accessory lenses for C-3 (1950s?)

Angenieux 35mm and 100mm accessory lenses for C-3
'several sets' (perhaps five total) recently discovered to have been produced as evaluation examples, marked 'Argus'; unknown quantities. From Wesley Furr collection.

Zeika 35mm f/4.2 wide-angle lens for C-3 (late 1950s?)

Zeika 35mm f4.2 lens for C-3 Two varieties of Zeika 35mm f4.2 lens for C-3
Ten known examples, two known design variants. Earlier examples have 'for Argus' on lens rim with the 'g' in Argus physically obliterated, probably due to trademark restrictions. Possibly a few hundred made; highest known serial number '0333'

Bausch & Lomb 75mm f/5.6 telephoto lens for C-2 and C-3 (1939)

Bausch & Lomb 75mm telephoto lens
The first prime accessory lens made for the C series cameras. Probably 1,000 made.

Black models of Sandmar 35mm wideangle and 100mm telephoto lenses for C-3 (late 1950s or early 1960s)

Black Sandmar lenses for C-3
Known serial number ranges suggest 1,000+ 100mm, 400+ 35mm produced. Especially uncommon with clear plastic cases with base into which lenses were mounted.

Original silver Soligor 135mm telephoto lens for C-3 (1955)

Original Soligor 135mm lens for C-3
Unknown production. Especially uncommon with lens labeled 'Elephoto'. The later black Soligor 135mm lenses are relatively common (~12,000 made). 'Elephoto' example from Wesley Furr collection.

45mm f/1.9 and 135mm f/3.5 Accessory Lenses for Geiss-modified C-4 (1950s)

45mm f/1.9 and 135mm f/3.5 Lithagons for Geiss-modified C-4
Unknown production, several known examples. Much less common than the 35mm and 100mm Lithagons for C-4. 135mm is especially desirable with its distinctive lens shade. One example of the 45mm known to exist labeled as 'Ennaston' instead of 'Lithagon'.

Robin and Fujitar 135mm telephoto and 35mm wideangle lenses for C-3 (1950s)

Robin and Fujitar lenses for C-3
Unknown production, several known examples, much less common than the essentially identical Soligors. From Wesley Furr collection.

Soligor 35mm wideangle lenses for C-3 (1950s)

Soligor 35mm wideangle lenses for C-3
Unknown production, several known examples, multiple serial number formats; less common than the black Soligor 135mm teles.

Early Sandmar 100mm telephoto for C-3 with original packaging (1952)

Sandmar Tru-Telephoto packaging for 100mm lens for C-3
Possibly several thousand made, several known examples. Box base resembles a C-3, with a hole for the lens and slots for the finder mask, so it can serve as a store display. Lens serial number should match the number stamped on the bottom of the box.